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:::Spirit Portraits::: Guided to Draw

When I was a teenager, I would often doodle, especially while I was chatting away on the phone. I would doodle the usual circles and flowers and sometimes, I would draw faces. It used to be the same face most of the time and when it would appear, it would frighten me. Not because it was scary in any way, it frightened me because I kept drawing this 70 year old man, hair combed over, white hair that was once already light. He wore a suit, it was beige.

I would immediately draw over his face, hoping that he would go away. Whoever “he” was.

As the years went by, I forgot about my doodle portraits.

It wasn’t until about 20 years after those doodles that a dear friend and gifted medium mentioned the spirit of a man that used to live in my childhood home. Her description matched my drawings. It all started making sense. There really was a “he”, and “he” was trying to communicate with me.

A whole new world was making itself known to me, my passion for both mediumship and art was coming together and I was more intrigued than ever to connect with and draw those in spirit.

Spirit Portraiture can be defined as drawing those in Spirit, and giving evidence of the survival of the soul.

Spirit Portraiture, a gift that has taught me patience and trust, a gift that unfolds, petal, by petal, and one that requires a lot of dedication.

As a clairvoyant, I see lots of images in my mind’s eye, and my earlier portraits were drawings of those that I would “see”, but the image was sometimes blurred- short hair, combed to the right, deep set eyes, full lips. The more my mediumship unfolded, the more my Spirit Portraits developed and where I once saw in my mind’s eye, I would see more clearly on the paper. Once I learn one way of working, the Spirit world will teach me another. It has always been a surprise.

You see, Spirit will only be able to use what you already have. Which means, if I haven’t trained as an artist, my portraits might be very basic, perhaps not proportionate. So as a Spirit Portrait artist I had to go back to my sketchbook and start back with basic portrait drawing, especially the face at different angles, different nationalities, different ages.

Lately I’ve been practicing my Spirit Portraits a little more consistently. I ask those in Spirit to draw near to have themselves drawn and give evidence of survival, in hopes that their portraits will somehow reach their loved ones.

During one sitting in particular, I drew three portraits and what really stood out for me is that the portrait of an elderly woman that remained at the top of the pile. It was evident to me that she wanted to remain visible. Almost a week later I had a client come for a reading and I asked if she recognized the woman I had drawn.

Her response was immediate, “It’s my grandmother.”

She later gave me the comparison photograph. I was pleasantly surprised and in awe of the power of spirit world. This lovely lady in spirit was aware that her granddaughter was coming for a reading, and came to me almost a week earlier to have her portrait drawn, as well as provide evidence that she would recognize.

Our loved ones are always hoping to connect and let us know they are ok. And sometimes, they will try to get that message across in anyway they can. This opportunity has really inspired me to continue to draw and hope that more loved ones will be recognized.

So please, come by and have a look on my Facebook page, perhaps your loved ones are just click away, hoping to communicate with you and let you know they are still alive.

Much love,


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