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:: Spirit Portraits ::


Here are some examples of Spirit Portraits that I have drawn.  Please note that I have drawn these portraits prior to having received the comparison photographs.  In some cases the drawing is not an accurate representation, it is the feel of the drawing, and it has a likeness of the person in Spirit that the sitter has accepted along with the evidence provided. 

It takes a lot of time and dedication to develop the ability to draw  portraits of those that have passed.  For those hoping to develop their gifts, I would strongly suggest daily meditation and patience.  

 Spiritual and mediumistic unfoldment, I believe, is a lifelong process.  A process  in which we are to continue to clear ourselves to be better channels for those that seek our services. 


If you are curious to learn how to develop your intuition, interested in spirit communication, please have a look at my workshop page.  If you are interested in any of my services, you can visit the shop or you can email me with any questions. 

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