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A personalized channeled drawing

A Spirit Healer is a vibrant, colourful drawing that  I create while I blend with the Spirit World and to the sitter's auric field. The colours that are selected, as well as the face that is created is as individual as each reading.


I begin by blending with the spirit world and as I make the first initial markings on the paper, I start receiving information.  During the first stages of the portrait, loved ones step forward and give evidence that they are still very much alive and continue to support us from the spirit world.  As the drawing continues, guides  and healers step in and offer their guidance.  Lastly, as I put the last touches on the drawing,  I connect to the sitters auric field and give insights into their strengths and challenges.  What is currently happening in their lives and what has the possibility of becoming.  Nothing is ever guaranteed and as we put energy into certain areas of our lives,  a road appears.  What I am able to do is tune in and tell you what I see, as you continue down that road.  


The colours that have specific significance and carry messages with them, they are meant to remind the sitter of the guidance that was given during the reading.   It is also meant to energize the individual as well as reawaken their true essence.


How long does a session last?

On average the drawing and reading can run anywhere between an hour to an hour and a half.

Do you only offer in person readings?  Or do you offer Skype readings as well?

I offer both, in person and Skype readings.

Can I buy this personalized drawing as a gift?

A Spirit Healer drawing makes the perfect gift and in some cases, clients have asked for the drawing and written transcript of the reading, which is also possible.

Does that mean the person doesn't need to be present for the reading?

That is right! All I need is the name of the person that would like a Spirit Healer. I set the intention of connecting to that individual and to their Spirit Team and I receive the information in the same way.

How soon can I get my drawing?

 It can range from two to four weeks.  I would suggest you email me with any questions you might have.

How big is the Spirit Healer drawing?

The drawing measures 18x24 inches.  You also have the option of selecting the colour of the paper, or allowing me to intuitively select it for you.

How do I know if I could trust you?

Thank you for such an honest and important question.  I take this work seriously and honestly.  I have trained with some of the most well known mediums in the field and  if there is one thing I have learned is that when you are of service and work honorably with Spirit doing it for the right intention, they will  step forward and not let you down. A reading is meant to bring upliftment and healing;  these two things are very important for me.  This is why I like to begin the reading by connecting to your loved ones, because if I could bring evidence, that I would not have any other way of knowing, then you would know that you are able to trust that my link with Spirit is real.

What if I don't want to connect to my loved ones but would rather messages from my guides?

A reading is meant to heal and uplift.  If you just want messages from your guide(s) and a portrait of them, that is possible as well.  Just let me know what you would like before we begin.

How can I order my Spirit Healer?

You can just go to the shop page and order it online.  If you are local and would like an in person reading, please email me and I will be in touch to arrange a suitable time with you.


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