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Spirit Art

Spirit Art is sometimes referred to Spiritual Art.  Connecting to Source energy as inspiration for ones creative work.  The term Spirit Art does not refer to the ability to connect to the unseen world to draw portraits of those that have passed.  Although the Spirit World does inspire the creation of these portraits, and medium/artists do sometimes refer to themselves as Spirit Artists, the term most often used for this type of art is Psychic Art.

Intuitive Art, and Visionary Art can also fall under the umbrella of Spirit Art. Paintings of  Spiritual Beings, energy lines, paintings that invoke a deeper connection, going within to connect to the World of Spirit is what I would refer to as Spirit Art. 

Psychic Art

Someone who I admire greatly, and who's work touched thousands of lives, is Coral Polge.  She drew portraits of loved ones in Spirit as well as Spirit Guide Portraits and she was considered a Psychic Artist.

A Psychic Artist is someone that receives psychic information while creating a work of art.  The spirit world blends with the Psychic Artist and while a drawing is created, the Psychic Artist receives information from the sitter's loved one in spirit, from their guides, or they receive information from a sitter's auric field.

Considering the work that I do, I am both a  Spirit and Psychic Artist. 


Can someone be a Psychic Artist and not a Spirit Artist?


I believe yes, they can.  When you use the term Psychic Artist it focuses mostly on creating drawings or paintings with the purpose of conveying a message from the spirit world. Some people create art for the purpose of giving messages however they do not explore that potential with their own personal art.   Although PSychic Art is something that I do, it is not the only thing I do.  I work with my guides and the spirit world to create art, not necessarily to give messages, but as the source of my inspiration and this is why I use the term Spirit Art.

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