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Hello and welcome, thank you for visiting my website.


“I am, two of the most powerful words for what you put after them shapes your reality”

Creative. Intuitive. Medium. Spiritual. Teacher. Artist.


From a very young age I had a curiosity for everything spiritual.   An awareness of the energy around me, led to a deep set fear  which closed me off from the Spirit World  for quite a number of years.  I knew I felt things, and just knew things other people weren’t aware of.  I knew I was intuitive, but I didn't know my potential, nor would I have believed it if someone told me that I was a medium.


It wasn’t until I was able to face my fear, and all the obstacles I had put in my way, that my heart started expanding and all my gifts started unfolding.  When I was no longer afraid and knew I was protected, the Spirit World made itself known to me, as it did many times when I was younger.  The more I trusted, the less I feared and the more I began to see.

I've always been spiritual.  From a very young age, I've loved Orthodox icons.  I would look at those faces lovingly and I would feel an immediate connection with the divine being looking back at me.  It was that heart connection that has expanded my mediumship development.  It was through my heart and my art, that all my gifts began to unfold.


I came to understand how I was receiving intuitive information and how I was  connecting to the Spirit World.    The more I connected to the light, through prayer, through reverence, my gifts just continued to unfold. One of those gifts was my ability to connect to the unseen world of spirit and draw portraits of those that had passed. 

As a high school art teacher and spiritualist medium, my art is the fuel and center of all my work.    I am a Spirit Artist and I use art as a way to connect to the Spirit World.  Connecting to loved ones, to angels and guides and to the Great Spirit, I create portraits that bring forth evidence of life after death.    


Through my Intuitive Paintings, and Spirit Healers, I am able to connect to someone’s aura and link in with the Spirit World to bring them messages of love, guidance and healing.  To learn more about my work click on the Spirit Art tab.


To continue with my personal journey, follow along here. 


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