Do you BeLiEve in FaiRies?

A couple of summers ago, I decided to meet some friends for drinks after our development circle. It was the night I met Martin, he was a friend of a friend. He was sharing his photographs of elementals, which are beautiful nature spirits that he had documented from his travels to Brazil.

He had captured beautiful glimpses of the elemental world and their multi-coloured shapes that just glowed in the dark. I was simply mesmerized; photo after photo, of these beautiful, small, radiant winged shapes. It reminded me of the childhood joy of believing in fairies again.

Is it true? Do fairies really exist?

His whole experience began with taking photographs of orbs, and while he was exploring the world of orbs, the elemental world made themselves known to him.

So mesmerized by all the wonderful elementals I saw in Martin’s photographs that night, I went home and immediately scanned each flower photo, from the many I had taken, hoping for glimpses of these little winged beings. I was excited to look through the nature pictures I took at the Arthur Findlay College, a school for mediumship development. If I had captured something magical, it was sure to be in those photos, the College has a dreamlike quality all of its own, a place also referred to as “Hogwarts for Mediums”.

What if I had captured something too?

I found a couple of interesting things in my photos; a face forming in the bud of a flower, and faces formed in the leaves. It was something, and I was excited at the possibility of taking photos and asking the fairy realm to make themselves known to me.

During my one week stay, I had created a series of videos, similar to vlogs, to share my experience at the College with my friends and family. And as I was combing through the videos for any signs, I nearly fell off my chair when I came across the video attached in this blog. A fairy caught on tape. A FAIRY CAUGHT ON TAPE!!! I couldn’t believe it!!

In the footage, I’m talking about the second story, middle window, which was the room I was staying in. And there she was, she spread her wings, came close to me, and she flew to the window I was referring to, and then flew off. She was listening to me the whole time.

But why would she choose to show herself to me?

Martin told me, the way to connect to the elemental realm is to ask with your heart. Ask with a grateful, loving heart, and they will show themselves to you. That was easy enough. Right?

I’ve always believed in the magic and wonder of life. When I was little, I have a very clear memory of going into the neighbour’s yard, observing the bed of flowers looking for lady bugs. And I was so thrilled, because every time, I went there, I silently prayed to find lady bugs, and I would almost always find. I would gently hold them in my hands, until they were ready to fly away and I would then try to find another. I believe it was this gratitude and love of nature that allowed me to be a witness of this enchantment.

Fairy at the Arthur Findlay College.

Less than two years after my fairy video, I returned to Arthur Findlay College. I stood at that same spot, and with a grateful heart, I thanked the fairy for showing herself to me. Needless to say, I shot a lot of footage during my two week stay, patiently waiting to capture more flying fairies.

I remember one night in particular, close to the end of my two week stay. I went out with my friend Gina to take photographs in the dark. We used our heart intention to connect to the spirit realm. Gina turned and looked at me and said, “I heard a voice say ‘take a photo of Christina’.” And in that moment, she just snapped a picture of me.

Gina captured that same, beautiful fairy shape, this time, coming out of the left side of my face, mimicking a painting I had created just months before.

Do you believe? If you do, click on the above link, "Fairy at the Arthur Findlay College" to watch the clip.

I know I do,

xx Christina

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