Spirits In My Classroom

“There are spirits in my classroom.” I sometimes jokingly tell my students, other times I’m not joking, although, they think I am. The truth is, there are spirits in my classroom, there are some in the hallway, in the auditorium, they’re everywhere, we are just not aware of them.

How do I know?

Strange things were happening in my classroom. Lights flickering, electronics would do strange things, and I would get my “spirit signal”.

What is a spirit signal?

A physical sensation that lets me know that someone is connecting to my spirit. We all have different ways of knowing and different ways of feeling. My sign that the spirit world is close is a numbing sensation on the left side of my back. There are times it is my guides, other times it is someone in spirit trying to connect to their loved one.

Everyone’s unfoldment is different so you might feel things differently. A lot of people will feel cobwebs, like an energetic web that is being created around their head, this is sometimes felt while meditating.

What draws the Spirit world close to us?

There are a few things, three of which are; joy, love, and music.

Music has the ability to bring the Spirit World closer to us, it helps raise the vibration and makes the link to Spirit, a little easier. Last year while working on the school musical, all the joy, love and singing brought evidence of this. During our last rehearsal run, the bell rang for recess and all the kids left the auditorium, the only ones that were left behind were my co-workers and I.

We were chatting at how great everything was coming together and out of the corner of my eye, I saw a white flash.

I’ve seen the white flash before, it is to signify the presence of angels. I was on alert to see if I would notice anything else. The flash was followed by something spontaneous. My phone went off, it was in my pocket, to a guided meditation that I hadn’t played in a few years. It was seconds after the flash, and no, my hands were not in my pocket and no, I hadn’t touched my phone at all.

In that case it was an angel, but other times, it’s a loved one in spirit coming for a visit.

One day, while chatting with a student, she mentioned her deceased grandfather and proudly told me he was a painter, and while she recounted tales of his life, a very distinct smell of cigar passed between us. “Did your grandfather smoke cigars?” I asked her.” Yes! Yes, he did!” And she continued telling me about him without it even occurring to her why I would even ask her. Clearly grandpa was around inspiring this young lady.

Another incident, in one particular class, there was a spirit with quite the sense of humour. I had written a few questions on the smart board and was walking around the class as the students copied and answered the questions. One student asked me if I’ve made a mistake on the first question, and as I looked up at the smart board the extra letters that were added to a word were being deleted right before our eyes. No one was on the keyboard. He jumped out of his chair, “You saw that too!! Oh my God! I can’t believe that!” This was but one of several spirit experiences with this particular group.

So, yes, there are spirits in my classroom. Sometimes it’s a student’s deceased loved one, sometimes I feel the presence of my guides letting me know there is something I need to learn , and sometimes I feel the presence of angels.

xo Christina

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